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Cure must be speedy. General feeling of well-being starts immediately after the commencement of Homoeopathy Medicines. Speed of recovery greater than the speed of disease progress.


Painless without side effects and no after effects or complications.


 Reversing the patient from disease state to the healthy state and not mere removal of symptoms.


HOMOEOPATHY  is a wholistic science. We as human beings are perfect embodiment of an abstract Mind, Spirit, Soul and Energy in a concrete matter called body. Human body is made up of multiple systems. The different systems in our body are made up of various organs and organs are made up of tissues and tissues in turn made up of group of cells.

The cell is the unit of life, which is having almost all properties of man. The function of every cell is governed by Genes and Genetic code. This comprises of Geno type. Ex: Digestion, Circulation, Intelligence, Reasoning, Memory etc., The representation of genetic code which expressed outwards is phenotype. Ex: Height, Weight, Complexion etc.,

The genetically ruled programmes of metabolism, differentiation and specialization concerning physical looks, functioning and attitudes of the person find its root in every cell that is in the genetic apparatus of the cell. Thus the idea of individualization has the root in every cell. Therefore if we want to treat a man in homoeopathy, his disease-mental or physical, we have to understand him at the cellular level and genetic level.

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