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Genetic Understanding Of Human Being
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Genes are the functional unit of inheritance. They are the blueprints of the physical and mental make up of the man. Each gene is a nucleic acid sequence that carries information representing a particular protein.
Proteins are the building blocks for everything in our body like bones and teeth, hairs, earlobes, muscles etc., these proteins help our body to grow, work properly and stay healthy. Scientist today estimate that each gene in the body may make as many as 10 different proteins. That’s over 3,00,000 proteins. Genetics allow us to understand the ever continuing development of life. The evolution of life meant the appearance of the self replicating molecule, which could transmit the characteristics of the life form to future generations. This self reproducing DNA molecule is nit concentrated in a particular part of the body, but is present in every plant and animal cell.

Genes are the things that determine the physical and other constitutional traits. They carry information that help make us who we are, how we look, our hair texture, even our smile are all passed through generations of our family in genes. The linings of the respiratory, digestive and urinary system, the mesoderm origins like the bone structure, ligaments, tendons, the blood, to the heart, the lungs, kidneys, various endocrine glands and the nervous system are all the manifestations of the genetic code of the individual and are influenced by it. The human DNA molecule contain approximately 100000 genes. Our body is made up of and runs on proteins so they are extremely important. If something goes wrong in the making of a protein (for example the gene has a defect) it causes disease, dysfunction or death.


The most recent research findings in and around the world have co- related the thinking capacity of individual with genetics.the emotions that we feel are the result of various proteins in the form of neurotransmitters whichnare again under the influence of genes.proteomics is the recent advancement in the world of genetics and molecular biology.proteins are responsible for the constitutional characteristics rather than genes.these proteins synthesized to give certain mental characteristics like anger,timidity,sadness,mortification,joy etc,act in the human body individually and in combination whch are again responsible for various illness in the person. In order to make the genetic prescription it is very important for us to understand the presentation of genes in the humanbody.this can only be done if we follow a specific pattern and system of questionnaire in every case.


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