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Christian freidrich Samuel Hahnemann 1753-1843

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann – Founder of Homoeopathy, had the courage, conscience and the prudence to walk away from the beaten  path of the then existing practice of medicine. Standing tough and combating single handedly the strong opposition and criticism of an entire medical fraternity he walked on… to create a legacy, a complete system of medicine which will heal for generations to come, liberating mankind of unfathomed miseries.

Dr. Hahnemann switched on to a new science because he was not satisfied with the practice of medicine in those days.he was disheartened with the ruthless, cruel methods of venesection along with the other prejudiced and thoughtless way of medical practice. He believed that the methods then used were doing more harm than good. He believed there have to be principles of cure and Certainty in treating diseases. Other science have principles of practice but no principles of cure. Over years of careful experimentation,thoughtful reasoning and deductions, Dr. Hahnemann pioneered a complete system of medicine…a futuristic science based on rock hard principles and laws that are timeless and infallible. A science based on genetics to which the medical world is just open eyes to. He was the one to realize that disease can begin and proceed as a chain reaction affecting more and more important organs.


The chemistry of our day is more and more approaching Dr. Hahnemann, with its colloids and ions, its ferments and vitamins. The indefinitely little is becoming the indefinitely potent and bulk and energy of particle are seen to be in inverse ratio. Dr. Hahnemann insisted that if a chronic illness was to be eradicated and recurrence to be stopped, one should treat the MAN IN DISEASE and not the disease in man. He thus formed a method of treatment where in importance had to be paid to the genetic traits of the patient thus incorporating mental as well as physical make up of the patient that make a man and are directly and indirectly responsible for the patient’s illness. To this he added that if at all a disease has to be cured, the order of disappearance of symptoms should always follow a pattern that can be gauged by a compass called law of cure.

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